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We help 7-8 figure businesses scale revenue by
elevating their growth marketing.

Does This Resonate?

You or someone on your team runs your marketing, but you're generalists and not functional experts.
Your marketing consists of trying different things randomly and seeing what performs.
You don’t have a cohesive marketing strategy or plan on what to do this year, this quarter, or even this week.
You have no idea what your marketing metrics look like or which ones you should focus on. 
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Our Process



We dive deep into the current state of your business, understanding everything from your sales goals to your unit economics, uncovering your pain points and what you value most so we can deliver a service tailored to you.



 We’ll go through your current online presence and marketing strategies to identify areas of improvement from website optimizations to bidding strategies. 



After we agree on a path forward to your goals, we’ll create & execute a clear plan of action, keeping you informed of the process along the way.



 It doesn’t stop there; we continually test, track, and optimize our strategies leveraging data and key performance indicators to drive better results. 

About Us

Our Vision
Together, Rob and Arthur founded Pluto Growth with a shared vision: to level up marketing by combining creativity with analytical rigor. With Rob's diverse experiences and Arthur's strategic mindset, they offer a unique approach to solving clients' marketing challenges. Their commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency ensures that Pluto Growth delivers exceptional results while maintaining strong client relationships.

Our Approach
At Pluto Growth, we believe in the power of data-driven creativity. We analyze every component of the marketing funnel, from ad quality to conversion rates, to optimize campaigns for maximum effectiveness. By leveraging Rob's expertise in growth marketing and Arthur's strategic insights, we develop tailored strategies that deliver tangible results. Our goal is not just to drive traffic or increase sales, but to help our clients achieve sustainable growth and long-term success.

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Whether you're a startup looking to make a splash or an established business seeking to revitalize your marketing efforts,
Pluto Growth is here to help. 

Custom Tailored
Growth Modules

Creative Strategy

Elevate your brand with compelling creative strategies that hook your audience, increase engagement and differentiate you in the marketplace.

Data & Attribution

Unlock actionable insights with our data & attribution services, leveraging advanced analytics to fine-tune your marketing efforts and attribute success accurately.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximize your site's potential with tailored CRO strategies that turn visitors into loyal customers, enhancing your ROI and driving sustainable growth.

Media Buying

Amplify your reach with strategic media buying. Our expertise ensures your message reaches the right target audience, maximizing impact and cost-efficiency.

Meet The Team

Arthur Kwok
Managing Parter
Arthur's background in strategic finance led him to discover a critical gap in marketing analysis working for various venture-backed startups.

Marketers concerned with growth-at-all-cost lacked awareness of the actual profitability of their activities.

Today he aims to integrate financial rigor into Pluto's marketing strategies, ensuring that Pluto Growth achieves clients their desired results and optimizes their return on investment.
Robert Katona
Rob has an interesting career journey from helicopter mechanic, to growth marketer.

This unconventional journey gives him a unique blend of skills across multiple industries.

Today, he leverages his diverse experience to drive impactful marketing strategies for Pluto Growth and his clients.

He is led by a commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency.

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